Clique Music

A radically new way to distribute and discover new music socially.
We created Clique Music as a part of Spaceboat +, our internal development lab, leading design, market validation, development, and a private fundraising round.
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  • Music, Social Media
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  • Incentivized Social Discovery
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  • What is Clique?
  • Clique Music is a platform empowering indie artists with the tools they need to get heard by new audiences and understand their market. By incentivizing listeners to discover artists they like and rewarding early followers, musicians can bootstrap their fanbase, becoming empowered to be their own marketing managers. For signed artists, Clique provides a suite of tools for statistical discovery of target demographics who respond to their music, enabling more effective and cost-efficient marketing.
  • Spaceboat's Role
  • Spaceboat +, our internal development lab, created Clique Music. Beginning with intensive user research, design, and testing, we discovered the gap in the music app market that we could fill, and how we could most effectively empower indie artists. From there forward, Spaceboat ran everything from MVP development, online marketing and research, fundraising, and strategy.
Project skills & expertise

Clique Music is a large, complex, and heavily technical project. As such, is gave us a chance to showcase our ability when given full creative license on a project. Here is a breakdown of the skillsets we applied to this project and how critical we determined each to be to Clique Music's overall success.

Design Thinking + User Research

iOS Development

Market Research + Advertising

Agile Project Management

Clique Music is replicating real-life interactions between people who love music. The implications of that are vast.
Dan Ta