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Reimagining Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

Doze Off
Why sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment?

Dr. Rani Das and Dr. Neeraj Manchanda approached us to help take sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment mobile. This is how we did it.

The question we were looking to solve with Rani and Raj was how to create an experience in the iOS app that replicated the service they provide as physicians. By studying their practice and their techniques, we created a digital experience that works hand-in-hand with their clinic.

- Stephen Looney / Captain @ Spaceboat

Dr. Rani Das and Dr. Neeraj Manchanda are successful physicians in the Austin area who specialize in sleep medicine. They see patients with a wide variety of sleep disorders and help treat them with a variety of medical and sometimes non-medical techniques. One example is patients suffering from insomnia. Dr. Das helps these patients establish better sleep routines that aid in helping them fall asleep when they should at night, and beyond this, she walks them through sleep meditation practices to instuct on ways to help relax and begin to transition into sleep. We wanted to capture this part of Dr. Das' treatments in the mobile app, so we created a streaming audio player and professionally recorded 40 minutes of audio to help users of the app to fall asleep at night. Beyond insomnia, the app educates and helps users with other disorders such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy. The final product was a digital experience that allowed Dr. Das and Dr. Manchanda help a larger audience of peoople suffering from sleep disorders.

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