Automating Continuous Delivery with AWS CodePipeline

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by The Captain

May 17, 2024
AWS CodePipeline Tutorial: Automating Continuous Delivery

AWS CodePipeline Tutorial: Automating Continuous Delivery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CodePipeline is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service that automates the release process for your applications. With CodePipeline, you can define a series of steps, or stages, that need to be executed to deliver your application from source code to production. This tutorial will guide you through setting up and using AWS CodePipeline to automate the deployment process of your applications.


Before we begin, make sure you have an AWS account and have the required permissions to create CodePipeline pipelines. You should also have your application source code stored in a version control system like GitHub or AWS CodeCommit.

Step 1: Create a CodePipeline

Log in to your AWS Management Console and navigate to the CodePipeline service. Click on the "Create pipeline" button and follow the wizard to set up your pipeline. You will need to specify the source provider (GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, etc.), the build provider (AWS CodeBuild, Jenkins, etc.), and the deployment provider (Amazon ECS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, etc.).

Step 2: Define Stages and Actions

Once you have created your pipeline, you can define the stages and actions that need to be executed to deploy your application. Common actions include source code checkout, building the application, testing, and deploying to a staging or production environment.

Step 3: Monitor and Manage

After setting up your pipeline, you can monitor the progress of each stage and action in the CodePipeline dashboard. You can also manage the pipeline settings, including triggers, permissions, and notifications.

Step 4: Test and Iterate

It is essential to test your CodePipeline thoroughly to ensure that it is automating the deployment process correctly. Make any necessary adjustments to the pipeline configuration as you iterate on your deployment process.


By following this tutorial, you should now have a working AWS CodePipeline that automates the continuous delivery of your applications. CodePipeline helps you speed up the release process, reduce human error, and increase the reliability of your deployments. Experiment with different configurations and integrations to optimize your deployment pipeline further.