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Introducing Launch by Spaceboat.

Launch apps in one minute and use them instantly.

By leveraging our templates and the Launch platform, you can launch a customized all-platform app in around one minute. This opens doors for brand new business models, revenue streams, and streamlined productivity.

Create consumer-facing apps that can be used with no download.

Our proprietary platform enables your business to create all-platform apps that can be used without ever needing to download an app. That means your customers can use specific functionality at the exact moment it is relevant to them. The result is the smoothest user experience in the industry.
An iPhone screenshot

Everything becomes a surface for your app.

Launch’s fully native apps are shareable through QR Code, URL, or iMessage, and are instantly useable out of the gate. Suddenly everything becomes a surface to share your app, whether through a social media post, a text to a client, or a QR Code at a physical location. Try scanning the business card to the left to see how a piece of paper can get transformed into a useful call to action.
An iPhone and web browser rendering the same app perfectly.

Our apps render natively on mobile, and responsively on web.

Regardless of how you launch the app, whether on mobile or web, it will render correctly for your users. Our platform ensures maximum compatibility with the myriad of devices on the market.

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